• Luvina Beckley-Knight, Project Funding Specialist

  • Posted on June 15, 2018
  • As a grant writer, Luvina Beckley-Knight has a tendency to employ the most effective assessment and tracing tools as a way to get projects the funding they need. She also uses support teams to back the writers. In fact, the impressive network of funders and investors she has built up over a couple decades helps them get what they need, and her massive network of strategists, elected officials and strategic partners can usually bring success to project funding.

    The high level of skill that Luvina Beckley-Knight brings to the table should be obvious to most people. Considering the level of leadership offered by Luvina Beckley-Knight and the firm she established, MHM and Associates, it should be no surprise that she and her firm are considered among the best in the grant-writing business. Based in Riverside, California, they provide private grant writing, consulting and management services and both the state of California and the federal government have praised them for their good work.

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